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Flexible Noise Barrier Products


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Noise Suite & Acoustic Fan Box Enclosure

Started from Jun 2021, Marion Acoustics delivered the Noise Suite™Acoustic Enclosure to address the demands of noise reduction in construction sites.The Noise Suite™ comes with various combinations of designs, material configurations, surface density, colors, foldable frames and custom printing options available. OEM / ODM services could also provided on request. Noise Suite™ has been proven to be reliable and adopted by major construction contractors in HK.

Applications & Features

• 18-30dB Noise Reduction Capability ;
• Water-proof and Fire-retardant;
• Durable PVC Surface;
• Heavy Duty, High Performance Design;
• Reduced Installation Time;
• Special foldable frame design.

• Noise reduction for the procedures that Powered Mechanical Equipment (PME)required;
• PCW works;
• Fitting-out work in public areas;
• Demolition work;

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